Monday, 2 March 2015

The Journey

I continue to find new ways to work as I have done since I started my art journey. Working is what I have been doing for past few weeks, months and years in my head, on paper and canvas. I have been drafting ideas for a while, I have been dreaming my entire life. This is what I always dreamt of and I am happy to see it come alive.
I love the textures you can find in the natural world. The depth created by nature. The shift in the season and finally the shift in my work.
Everywhere within the shift of the seasons, we can see the growth in the landscape and so I felt the need to grow in my painting. After having done so many abstract landscape paintings (with acrylic and oil paints) I wanted the shift to happen. Not a drastic change but a gradual change. Mixed media seemed to be the answer. I did a lot of mixed media work during my graduation days, and maybe here and there after, but as I wanted to combine few of my newly learnt skills with my present way of working, mixed media was the right choice. My love for textiles, colour and paint all to be achieved in one finished piece of work.
Yes, the journey started years back, and I am still enjoying it. As I learn and pick up new techniques on my way, I like to add on to my painting.