Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Masala Chai

I woke up too early this morning. Maybe still it was middle of the night, I don't know. Somehow I just couldn't sleep so came downstairs and made myself some masala chai, which I brought back from India.

Some quiet time was spend in my studio; looking back in my travel journal...

...and thinking about India: the rest of them still in bed.

The Tibetan monastery was so beautiful. The entrance with the prayer flags on top.

Watching the monks practising their daily meditation amongst the beautiful surrounding (Himachal Pradesh - Manali), flowers, almost everything was so relaxing and calm. Really peaceful place to be.

Beautifully painted and decorated gates, wall everywhere.

Inside the Buddhist temple. So calm, was good to just sit there for a while and do nothing.

The stories painted on the walls.

 And the bell.

It was monsoon when we were in India and up in the Himalayas, we got a combination of sunshine and rain. Felt pretty much like here. Though Delhi was still quite hot and humid.

I was so inspired by the whole trip from Delhi to Manali that for the first time I actually sat down to fill some pages of my journal. In past, every time I have been to India, I am just too busy chatting and going around. I think I must try and do at least one page if not more every time I visit India.

On this page, I felt like adding this beautiful paper, so I used some duct tape and extended my journal page.

The extended page on the left.

The map of India was the newspaper cutting showing the weather forecast.

Summer holidays are almost over. Can't stop thinking about India, especially on rainy days like today.