Sunday, 28 September 2014

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest


This was from last weekend. We went to Nottingham to see the Robin Hood Castle. It was sunny but a bit cold weekend. Felt like Autumn. Wow, Summer's has packed her bags already. Are we now going to sit  around fire? Maybe not but for that day I was happy to wear my new cardigan. It was perfect, I was warm and cosy. Knitting this cardigan was like riding on a bumpy road. The yarn was beautiful and soft, but not even. You might have seen in my earlier post about this cardigan. Very difficult to keep the tension right. After finishing my long cardigan I took a deep breath, drank coffee and pulled out Olivia's grey jumper. What's the other too knitting projects on my table. Do I ever stop? Well, I cant sit still. Art and craft keeps me busy and happy. I am forever looking for new inspirations and projects.