Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stealing Moments

(Detail of my mixed media paintings)

The role of an artist, mother, wife and daughter is not straight forward. It is balancing between everything you love to do, your passion and loved ones around you. I feel like a visitor in my own studio these days. I try to steal moments here and there to finish my paintings for the exhibition. Sometimes I feel guilty not to spend that time with my family. I need that me time though, to fulfill my passion for art. Its important for me to be in solitude at times. To think. To create. And to be able to do this I need to be alone. Shut inside my studio and surrounded by my paintings. I feel happy then.The act of creating is so satisfying for me and the more I immerse myself in it the easier it gets. I am productive.
This weekend its the Melbourne Art Festival. And finally I feel I am ready. The above photographs are a glimpse of my new work. A close up detail. Tomorrow I need to load up the car and install my work.
If you happen to be around Melbourne, please come and say hello to me. Would be nice to see you.

Venue: Melbourne Arts Festival
South  Derbyshire, UK
Art Trail - 13 - 14 September