Monday, 9 February 2015

The Provence

It feels like I took a break from painting for the last three years, even though I kept painting in between. Last year I did only two exhibitions. Felt so good to receive so much positive feedback. I was determined to go in my studio a bit more. And now it is possible as my little Emily goes to the local school nursery five afternoons. I have more studio time. The feeling is so good.

Last year I spoke about possibilities of commission work. Well, I can now tell you all about it. After receiving a email through my website I was really excited but stayed calm. Then followed by few phone calls and personal visit by the couple who wanted me to paint two large canvases for their second home in France. We then finalized everything.

I started working on them this year. Working on large canvas is what I love. Its more physical and challenging. Painting abstract seems to be easy. Just throw some colours on to the surface but it is rather difficult to achieve. It can be achieved through practice and this is what I have been practicing for years now. I am still learning, discovering new techniques ad possibilities. A journey I was, and still am travelling. This time my journey took me to the Provence through someone else eye. It feels good to have completed these work and the couple is very pleased with them.

 Both the paintings are done with acrylic paint. When painting large I prefer acrylic as it dries very quickly and allows you to layer up faster. Acrylic paint is quite versatile and can be used very thinly like almost water paints or you can achieve thick impasto effects. All my work is done in layers of paint applied with different techniques to achieve the desired results.

I still need to do the edges of the two canvases but I guess this will happen after the half term now. Hope we get plenty of sunshine to enjoy the haft term with the girls outdoor.

Happy half  term from Honeysuckle Studio.