Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Camping in the Peak District

Tiffany (our caravan) was out again. Yes, it wasn't long since we went camping but the weather was nice and would have been a same not to go anywhere. So we drove to the Peak District. We camped in a farmers land, that's what we like with just few caravans. There were only Two caravans and a very small tent other than us there and the field was so big that we were all spread out.

As we were not far from Ilam, we went for a walk there. This is the tea room which was packed...

We sat outside and had a cup of tea.

 Saw some land sculptures.

 This was Emily's favourite spot to sit. She called it home.

Was not easy to get her out of there.

Of course, we always collect woods and pine cones. So handy for campfire, cooking in my new outdoor wood burner and maybe some possible future craft work.

And... I can never have enough photographs of these beauties.

They look so adorable and full of character.

Little Emily wanted to give them a hug. She ran, and ran and ran after them for a hug.

We followed her.

 In the end she gave up sadly as the sheep ran away from her. Poor thing.

I gave her my sketchbook to draw them...

But she decided to draw herself instead.

The Lamb watched Emily while she was drawing in mummy's sketchbook.

Then, it was my turn. I have so many photographs of these sheeps from before already so I decided to cut one around and use it for a quick mixed media  work in my book.

I always carry lots of different vintage emphera, Variety of scrap decorative papers, paints and anything and everything almost with me. These are really done very quickly and are not a perfect image or finished work but its more about capturing the essence of  a place or of that particular moment. I don't like planning my paintings at all. Once all dry, some journalism would be done here.