Sunday, 21 June 2015

Solar Dyeing

Nature is so beautiful and my garden is giving me plenty for making offerings everyday.

I am collecting every single day when the sun is out...

... Filling jars with scent and goodness.

And on those rainy day, I sit in my potting shed with a nice cup of coffee and some work. I am currently working on quite a few things. Need to get a lot done as I am preparing for three upcoming exhibitions this year. For larger paintings I have to go in my studio though.

As I sipped my coffee, which I drink black, my eyes went on this feather stuck on the branch and the rain drops looked like little gems.

Nature is so beautiful and inspiring. I am always inspired by it.

Even on a grey day. And the wait is then, for the sun.

The gentle kiss of the sun on my jars is hopefully doing its magic.

Yes, I am solar dying some cotton threads and a bit of lace and felted blanket. The jar on the left was filled with marigold from the garden, Alum and water. As I was collecting these I thought, of trying some solar dyeing. This is a very nice way of eco dyeing without too many equipments. I like playing with colour, be it paint or in this case natural dye. This is a test piece and need to wait couple of weeks before I can peek inside the jar. But I really like this process and going this afternoon for a little walk in the forest. Hopefully I can find some free gifts of nature for trying some more eco dyeing.

As we are so blessed with nature, we might as well make good use of it. Are you like me and like collecting? I know I love it and that's what I have done from my childhood.