Saturday, 26 September 2015

Exhibition at the Art Barn

It has been quite intense with the Art Barn in Preston Baggot, Warickshire, where I have 10 paintings at the moment, and the exhibition goes on until the 4th October, and the weekend of Melbourne Art Festival. Both exhibitions co inciding which meant a lot of work inbetween the holidays and before and after the holidays. At the Melbourne arts festival I had about 16 paintings displayed.

This is how the art barn looks from the back

It is part of the old rectory in preston baggot and the barn has been converted into a art gallery for last eight years now. I exhibited there in 2010 and this year I was thrilled to be invited back.

I took lot of photographs before the opening of the private view as it gets very busy and difficult later on.

After delivering the paintings at the art barn we went for a little walk around. It is beautiful surrounding.

Little Emily just loved to play around their huge garden area.

A lot of running around.

Then we took this path just behind the front lawn where Emily was playing for a stroll.

We passed the gate.

Passed the church.

And reached the wheat field.

 Yes, daddy and little girl played hide and seek.

I bet you cant spot daddy here in the above picture.

OH! you found him. That was difficult, wasn't it?

Emily was very keen to see the wheat grains.

Later that week was the private view. Exciting when people start pouring in.

The exhibition looked fantastic.These 4 paintings on the wall are my work. The sculptures are Petra Rohr-Rouendaal's, who lived quite a long time in Africa and her work is influenced from it.

Few more of my paintings. These are Encaustic mixed media work.

More sculptures and paintings from Petra.

Some Raku pottery work from Rika who came all the way from Botswana.

Another painter and jewellers work.

A very good combination of art and craft work which will be on until the 4th October. If you do get a chance to be in Warwickshire please do have a look at the exhibition. You wont be disappointed for sure.

All the pottery work is making me so itchy to try my hands in pottery once again. I keep thinking of it but haven't got enough time for now but maybe this is something I want to have along with my paintings in future. Hmmmmm, long term planning is going on here.

Well, enjoy your day and I will be back next with the Melbourne arts festival photographs. Thank you to all those people, who are now following me on Instagram. I am really enjoying Instagram as its lot quicker than blogging.