Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn's Last Picking

Celebrating this autumn season with just not the flowers from the Garden but also the foliage, candles and a nice brew in my new pottery mug. Knitting and sipping coffee in between rows. This was a very quick make for Olivia to keep her hands warm and cosy. Perfect for the last Autumn pickings from the garden. This year I got plenty from one small apple tree but the big apple tree was a bit disappointing. Still managed to make few jars of apple sauce (hubby's and Olivia's favourite ) and had some apple crumble and apple cake.

The cable wrist warmer was quite a straight forward knitting. Ever since I saw one on the Pinterest I wanted to knit one. I put one cable in the middle but wish did three in each. Would have looked much better. We learn from our mistakes. I don't know how to knit the thumb so kept it simple. You can pull it up more if fingers get bit cold. The edging is done by crochet. I think I need to make one for myself next, I like this so much. I love the rich autumnal hue on Olivia's delicate hands. Mine would be a different story of course.