Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spain - Part 2

My fourth trip to Spain was so different. Especially from the last trip to Barcelona which was from University. A trip mainly dedicated to art and architecture. Gaudi - was so inspirational for my university work.

This time it was more for the girls. Olivia planned the  Adventure Amazonia from here already, and was very excieted on the day. To begin with it was a bit difficult as the instructor explained in Spanish, but eventually she got it. Of course we had the little one as well, so lots of fun things for her too. Cable cart was another thing Olivia wanted to do and I am honestly not very keen on that. It was little cloudy that day in the morning but I was rather happy, as don't like to climb up when its hot.

And the pink scooter reminded me of my Dad's scooter in India when I was little. So a photo shoot was a must. So many photographs these days we take, it's all thanks to the digital camera but makes it hard to choose when it comes to posting them here.

Now we're back home, all the boring things have to be done: tons of washing and ironing, and no more meals cooked and served on the table for us. I have to cook my own, sigh.