Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bohemian Oasis

Last night I could not sleep until almost 2 o'clock. This happens to me often when I have some new idea or thoughts about my work brewing in my head. So I walked in my studio this morning, but could not paint or draw. I felt tired. I had to relax.

Sitting without any work in hand is hard for me unless I have something nice to read. I need to order some books that I wanted to read for a while now. Meanwhile I went online and started looking into Ravelry. Then I found something that I thought would be perfect to use up my Noro Yarns.

This is a free pattern from Ravelry, and is called 'Bohemian Oasis' by Drops. A very easy pattern to follow, perfect for my tired brains today.This pattern is for a blanket but at this point, I am not sure if I want to start yet another blanket, or make a scarf or a cushion. I really must push myself and get on with my paintings, as two of my exhibition dates are clashing, and I do need to her a large body of work. Will let you know once I have made up my mind, to what these little squares are going to be. For now,  I am just going to keep crocheting more squares as long as I can/the little one lets me. Tomorrow I shall be back in my studio, and hopefully, be more productive.