Monday, 13 April 2015

Spain - Part 3

Easter Holiday is over, the girls are back to school and nursery. Life back to normal again.
During our stay in Marbella, we went to the seaside..
Went to Malaga town, did a bit of shopping.
Went to a Safari park and Adventure Amazonia.

We went up by cable cart and the most interesting thing happened. While we were watching the bird of prey show, one of the buzzard decided to fly from one head to another. I could not believe when that happened to me. Yes! I had a buzzard sitting for few seconds on my head. Year round resident over much of Europe, favours open country including mountains and moorlands, often with tracts of woodland. Distinctive far-carrying cat-like meowing. It was very exciting, but I am sure if that happened in wild I wouldn't find it funny.
Nature and wildlife inspire me and my favourite bird is owl. But I do like all birds of prey; in general almost all the birds and animals. I have been many times to the wild national parks in India before getting married, and this is something I wish to do again soon. I also one day would like to go on an African Safari, but for all this to happen I need to wait: wait a little bit more until the little one is big and sensible enough so we can take her there. Until then I will keep visiting the Bird of prey shows, and safari parks. The last image is work in progress, which I started while the girls were away.