Thursday, 28 May 2015

Camping in Wales

Camping in Mid- Wales was so relaxing. We camped quite remote and spent quiet a bit of time by the river across the road by our campsite. We saw nobody there the whole day, except innumerable birds and the sky at some point was full of red kites. We lit fire and the girls and hubby roasted marshmallows. I sat down by the fire and knitted and heard the red kites whistle above us. We were very close at times. I never saw a red kite flying in wild so close to me before. This was heaven. The black bird sat on the tree for ages. He must have been warm from the fire too.

We went to the Devils Bridge Waterfall. It was magnificent.Very steep down and the all the way up. We walked a lot. I felt it in my legs while I lay on my bed. This is the type of tiredness I don't mind. At times I feel I was born to be in the wild. I love nature and being outdoors gives me immense happiness. The beauty of nature, the colours all around us makes me feel like starting a new work always. So I did as soon as we were back. I have now started a new painting. A new journey, a unknown path which I like to follow through my paintings. It makes me happy.