Saturday, 9 May 2015

Old books and New Paintings

 Old books make me happy when I find them in charity shops. They really make my day.

Yesterday I added three more books in my studio. To tell you the truth they can be found in almost every room in my house.  Maybe I should keep them all in one place, in my studio.

I love the cover of this book and the paper inside is nice and thick too.

This book now has such a beautiful painting of the Queen and some illustrations inside the book are worth framing. Hmm... Might do that one day.

For a while now these old books are my art journals. I really like to paint on them. Some of the pages are so lovely to work on. But I never spoil an existing illustration.

 Moving on from the old books now I have another finished mixed media en-caustic painting on the shelf above. The painting on the left which you saw while it was still work on progress is now finished.  I also mentioned in my previous post about health and safety working with hot wax.

So, I wanted to try cold wax medium for my next painting. Yes a lot of experimenting going on in my studio. And that's what it is all about I guess. Trying new mediums and techniques until you find the right one for you. Now cold wax medium can be safely mixed with oil paints and doesn't need any exhaust or fan in the room. Still, good ventilation in the studio is always better anyway. So I am still working on my mixed media paintings more or less effortlessly...sometimes adding oil, wax, emphera or even a vintage piece of fabric.