Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Magic of May

"May comes sweet and complete in every detail.
Along every lane and hedgerow bank
spring a thousand small and seldom
considered things - Nature's embroidery,
to finish off her festal robe to perfection...
Such hedgerows in May are everybody's garden..."
-Written by Flora Thompson in A Country Calender.

May is indeed a busy time of the year for the gardeners. So I have been busy as well. Everything is growing so quickly now. Especially the weeds. But everything is still under control. I have been really busy planting out my veggies now. From beans and peas to Brassica's (for the first time) Will have to see if I manage to keep the cabbage flies and caterpillars away. Have put netting so it should do the job.  During the weekend I finally completed my cowl.  This cowl was in remembrance to Vanessa Cabban. You can read more about the cowl here if you haven't read my post on it. Monday morning was still a bit cold so I wore my cowl but soon was warm in it as it is knitted in round and is twice the thickness of a normal scarf/cowl. This cowl is just perfect for those Autumn days in the garden. I can see myself wearing this a lot. Jobs in the garden for this week is complete and had to make myself a simple quick lunch. Perfect to sit outside and enjoy the May sunshine.

Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine too during the magical days of May x