Friday, 29 August 2014

Nearly September

August is almost over. The colour of the leaves are changing already. Big plans are made every year for my kitchen garden, but we had a very busy summer with lots of different things and little camping trips. So it got a bit neglected. It did provide lots of good meals to the slugs, our two hens and a bunny. I am not complaining. I also managed to make few jars of chutneys, jams and apple pies. Some herbs which bolted also made it to my mantle piece in a little vase. Lots of sunny days have been enjoyed this summer. Little one loves to play outdoors and feed the pets. I had countless number of tea and coffee with just a few rows of knitting. Summer was good. Now is just the right time to hold something warmer in my hand. Something other than my cups of coffee. A crochet hook or knitting needle and some cosy yarn. Yes that's what I felt I wanted to hold in my hand. So I have started a new project. No, I haven't finished my previous Cardigan which I started a while ago, neither Olivia's knitted blanket but I wanted something new. There is nothing like going in the yarn shop and adding some more to my old stash. Olivia asked me to knit her a jumper. Pale, a bit cropped up with long sleeves. So I have a new project. Now I am happy but still have to finish labelling my paintings, as Melbourne Art Festival is not far. I am not panicking at all.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Holiday in Wales

This is a rather late post of our holiday in wales. During the beginning of Summer, we rented a flawless cottage in wales. Everything about it was perfect.

The stone walls, fire place, Aga and the little details and decorations on the windowsill. Sigh...! Everything that I could dream of!

 We stayed there for ten days and it felt like home.

 We went a few times to the beach.

Olivia and hubby loved body boarding...

... And little Emily can never stop collecting, just like me.

We also went to the Dinosaur park.

 This brought happiness to the little one, as George from 'Peppa Pig' also loves dinosaurs.

There were three little mining caves too in that park. I did not like wearing that silly yellow hat at all, the girls and hubby laughed at me but I am glad I did as my head kept hitting the ridiculously low roof.

Nature is so beautiful and inspiring.

The girls had some fun collecting stones from the water.

 On the other hand I chose to buy my stones, a few more to add to my exciting collection. As far as I can remember I have always throughout my childhood collected all sorts: stones, crystals, twigs, drift woods, feathers and leaves - and I still do. The girls are just like me.

Another destination of ours was a historic castle. It was such a beautiful ruin. There is something about them that always intrigued me, more than a well kept one. It has so much to explore and figure out about the history. You can let your imagination go wild. Every stone, every nook and corner tells a story and I guess that's what interests me.

Ahhhhhhh! What a lovely holiday was that. This year we decided to just stay within the country for the summer holiday, and to be honest there is so much to see here that we didn't feel the need to go anywhere exotic. This morning I was out in the garden and the air was lot cooler. Its starting to feel like summer is fading. Although, as much as I love Summer, I think Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colours. Most people would want to hold on to the summer a bit longer I guess, but I am looking forward to Autumn already. Strange but that's how I am.