Monday, 18 August 2014

Camping in Lake District

The last couple of days were spent in the Lake District. The weather was a mixed bag of rain, cloud and dry spells. The Lake and surroundings looked spectacular and luckily, we still managed to get some food on our plates in this challenging weather. It was fun and just the right time to head back home. The last night we experienced very strong gusts of wind and rain and made us realize how fortunate we are to have a solid roof over our heads. We also went to the Lake Safari park. Little one loved all the animals while the big girl found quiet moments on top of the rocks with her headphones. Can't believe she will be in her teens soon. Wow!
Sorry about the number of photographs, I tried my best but it is so hard to stop myself from clicking away. I still haven't posted our last little holiday photographs yet. But life has been full on this summer with everything that's been going on.