Saturday, 28 March 2015

Spring Exhibition


'The Birmingham Art Circle' spring exhibition is on from Saturday 28th March to Sunday 19th April 2015 at 'Hanbury Hall' and is open from 11.00am to 5.00pm. It is a group exhibition; I have got three paintings there, the paintings are shown below.

Derbyshire after the rain 1

Derbyshire after the rain 2

One fine day

Thursday, 26 March 2015

April Showers

We are not yet into April, but the painting above was inspired by the weather couple of years ago around this time and last week, I sold the painting! The painting was called 'April Showers'. If you are interested in purchasing any of my work you can contact me by email or through my website Not much has happened in my studio recently as every opportunity I get I step out in my garden.

I have been busy planting lots of flowers. A Gooseberry plant (above)

Rhubarb plant is growing very quickly. This one was planted only last year so I guess wont have too much to harvest. My other two rhubarb unfortunately got caught under the hens feet.

 Autumn sown broad beans and garlic are looking good. Some more broad beans and potatoes have gone in now, along with some onions in the ground.

 Indoors plants are also looking good. Last year  I bought two bonsai's, however one didn't survive.

Happy to see new shoots and leaves coming out on the other one.

Lots of salad and herbs on the windowsill.

My favourite indoor plant has to be this one.

New growth everywhere.


The three picture frames on the wall - my owl painting and the Stag which was started at 'Mandy Patullo's Workshop' I finished it back home . And the handsome hare is one of 'Mrs Bertimus' work, which I am a very proud owner of. This feels like spring now to me.

On a bit sad note, last year just before Christmas we lost two of our pets. Nibbles who gave our children so much joy for over eight years and Maggie, for two years. This spring is not the same without our loved pets and Peggy (hen) under the blossom tree is now sadly on her own but hopefully not for long. In couple of days we are off on Holiday to Spain. After we return back home we shall find a friend for Peggy.

With a hope of growing lots more potato and other edible fruits and veg in my potager garden this year, I am just posting this picture of Olivia (thirteen now) six years old and loved helping me in the garden. Now I have two helpers so will grow twice as much to harvest.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sunshine, Rain and Frost...

In between sunshine, rain and frost
I have been knitting.
Knitting my cowl - Vanessa Cabban Cowl KAL. A project started by a wonderful knitter and Designer Christina Wall from 'A Knitters Life'.
This has been one addictive project just not for me but all the ladies knitting along this cowl with Christina Wall.
It has been real joy, but not looking forward to tackling all those loose ends. But needs to be done.
Everything has started growing in the garden too and I am spending more time slowly in the garden. I have started feeling springy.
After breakfast on mothers day went to town with the girls as Olivia needed few things and this was the only day free for this. Later on the girls made the most delicious biscuits for me and the beautiful Eeyore card which I took with me in my potting shed.
Tea, homemade biscuits and my Fair Isle knitting. This was heaven to me.
Going back to my knitting I am still not sure whether to make one or two loop cowl. So far I have reached for making it one loop cowl.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Yesterday after coming back from nursery, little Emily said to me, "good afternoon mummy" in sign language. It is wonderful to see her growing and learning new things, words everyday. At a very young age we learn to communicate with words, gestures and facial expressions.

There are so many ways of expressing yourself, I choose to express myself through painting. I try to express myself with colour, line and texture. I do communicate with my paintings better than words. I think I have gone beyond the need for words.

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Journey

I continue to find new ways to work as I have done since I started my art journey. Working is what I have been doing for past few weeks, months and years in my head, on paper and canvas. I have been drafting ideas for a while, I have been dreaming my entire life. This is what I always dreamt of and I am happy to see it come alive.
I love the textures you can find in the natural world. The depth created by nature. The shift in the season and finally the shift in my work.
Everywhere within the shift of the seasons, we can see the growth in the landscape and so I felt the need to grow in my painting. After having done so many abstract landscape paintings (with acrylic and oil paints) I wanted the shift to happen. Not a drastic change but a gradual change. Mixed media seemed to be the answer. I did a lot of mixed media work during my graduation days, and maybe here and there after, but as I wanted to combine few of my newly learnt skills with my present way of working, mixed media was the right choice. My love for textiles, colour and paint all to be achieved in one finished piece of work.
Yes, the journey started years back, and I am still enjoying it. As I learn and pick up new techniques on my way, I like to add on to my painting.