Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mrs Bertimus at Hope and Elvis

Mr Fox. Handsome and beautifully stitched by Mrs Bertimus.

 Hare chasing the butterfly.

 The girl and the little black bird.

All these small brooches with incredible machine embroidery and many more stitched and mixed media work by Mrs Bertimus was on display at' Hope and Elvis' on Saturday. It was the day when Mrs B, very talented painter/ textile artist/ teacher was there to demonstrate her skills.

We were shown different ways of transferring images on board and textiles.

This is what we get when two lovely and talented ladies decide to get together. Thank you 'Louise Presley' and 'Mrs Bertimus' for a wonderful workshop. I have been so many times to Hope and Elvis and never have been disappointed. I have learned so much, met so many talented artists and have come to know many lovely ladies. Cant remember how I found H&E but tell you guys this is one place you want to visit if you are interested in art/craft.

 Also a big thank you to Mrs Bertimus's mother who very generously baked most delicious cakes (with a nanna touch) for all of us who were there for the day.


Oh yes! Christmas crackers.

Everyone was working very hard. There are many ways to transfer images to fabrics and boards but transferring with effective costs... Wow!

 The end results on the table.

Sorry Sam didn't realize I did not manage to capture you nicely here but Thank you as well for being a big help that day.

 Dawn's work

Miss Debs work.

My space and work

Flaming Nora's work and you can also peek in her blog to see some more images from her lens.

I had such a wonderful day with Louise, Mrs B and other ladies that day. This is one skill I wanted to learn for a long time. :)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Indoors and Outdoors

The weather has changed. It certainly gets darker earlier these days.

I read...

I sweep the garden...

Collect all fallen leaves in between shower and sun when possible...

I look under...

and above...

Still some flowers in the garden. Not much but there.

Herbs that I love picking for roasting potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil. The lemon mint is there just because I love the fresh smell of this herb.

Sign of new life in my little veggie patch. The garlics have germinated. I love garlic in my food and lots and lots of it. Just try to avoid eating for lunch.

Spring greens are growing well under the cover. I have never grown anything from the brassica family before. Always thought they are a bit more difficult to grow. I am not so found of this plastic net cover but this is the only way to save them from the caterpillars and cabbage flies. So far they have not been attacked by any bug or slugs. Love my little pond for this. I counted four big frogs other day and lots of little ones on the grass. Unfortunately my hens love the frogs too...

We love walking in the nearby forest whenever we get an opportunity.

Little Emily loves it too. Especially collecting all sorts just like me.

Walking around in the village.

Picking bits of nature.

Running around free.

Ah! Its so wonderful. I love countryside. And we are very fortunate that our both girls love it too.

Nature is so beautiful.

And we collect every year little baskets of nature.

Just two little baskets full. Guess that is not too much to take away from the nature.

Love this house and their veggie patch. It is not huge but the forest behind is just beautiful. Wish I lived here.

I love growing vegetables but for last few years my little veggie patch got a bit neglected as I could not spent much time. But still I managed to grow few things. I did think at the beginning of the year that I would be able to do lot more but still....... Well now I have promised myself to make extra effort and take time out like before. I just love gardening and outdoors.

When I am indoors there is always lots to do as well.

Mainly art and craft and of course cooking which I love too.

In my knitting basket I have a finished winter jumper for Olivia, a pair of woolly socks for little Emily. By the way this socks is knitted with only two needles because that is just what I know for now. I might have a go some day knitting with four needles. But for now, I am happy. And something new on my needle too which will be revealed soon.

The jumper fitted Olivia well.

Short length, baggy with long, extra long sleeves... that's what she wanted. My first winter jumper is done.

And the hat? Did I buy or knit? Hmmmmmmmm
Well after finishing the jumper when my big girl asked me sweetly she also wanted a matching hat, how could I say no. So, the answer is yes, I did knit the hat too.


Little Emily doesn't want to take her new woolly socks off at all. She has a layer of socks underneath too, still. Bless her, she must be hot or maybe she is nice and cosy.