Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Caravan Interior - a Simple Solution

 Please do come in and have a little peek inside my caravan. I love the Boho/Gypsy look.

 These two hanging camel and elephant Indian decoration were a gift from my mother. And I found a perfect place to hang them in the caravan. Just as we enter inside it's on the left, which is actually the side wall of the cupboard.

I found these lights during our holiday in wales in a shop. As soon as I saw it I thought of our caravan. It looks amazing when lit.

 But the main reason of my this post today is to show you what I made using my Hippy Thread. Let me just take my slippers off.

So here it is...

 It is a simple draw string pillow which I thought would be perfect solution for storing our blankets inside. So instead of filling this cover with another pillow I have rolled my big double blanket and pulled this cover up. Voila! The fabric used is from India too. I love the rich colours in India.

A giant dual purpose pillow, which keeps my blankets neatly inside and the caravan looks tidy when not using the blankets and in the night  we just need to pull out the blankets.

So, I made two pillow covers/bolsters for my gypsy caravan.

 So now that I have shown you my new make I think I can put my slippers on and go inside house to put the kettle on.