Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Passion for Colour


My solo exhibition titled "Entrancing Form and Colour" is up at the Derby Cathedral Cafe/shop today!! The exhibition can be seen in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge from tomorrow October 1 - 31st, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm

After the exhibition was up, I went straight to get my copy of the Derby shire Magazine. I got a very good coverage in the magazine and also in the local Arts Beat magazine. I was very happy last year to have been offered this place for exhibition, while I was exhibiting at the Derby shire Arts Festival. 
I did not want to do too many exhibitions this year, as Emily is still so little, and I don't find too much time for my paintings. But I am definitely looking forward to do few more next year as she is nearly three and soon will start going five mornings to nursery. Knitting or doing little craft work is easy, but for painting I really need to switch off from the outside word, be on my own in my studio. Just me, my canvas and colours. Anyway, for now I am happy and feel lucky to be able to this much at least.
Please do go and have a closer look at my work if you happen to be around Derby.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest


This was from last weekend. We went to Nottingham to see the Robin Hood Castle. It was sunny but a bit cold weekend. Felt like Autumn. Wow, Summer's has packed her bags already. Are we now going to sit  around fire? Maybe not but for that day I was happy to wear my new cardigan. It was perfect, I was warm and cosy. Knitting this cardigan was like riding on a bumpy road. The yarn was beautiful and soft, but not even. You might have seen in my earlier post about this cardigan. Very difficult to keep the tension right. After finishing my long cardigan I took a deep breath, drank coffee and pulled out Olivia's grey jumper. What's the other too knitting projects on my table. Do I ever stop? Well, I cant sit still. Art and craft keeps me busy and happy. I am forever looking for new inspirations and projects.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Melbourne Arts Festival

Just a quick post about the Melbourne Arts Festival. Melbourne was buzzing with people. Had lots of visitors over the weekend. At times there was hardly space to walk. What a incredible weekend it was. With lots of interest in my work, possible commission, exhibition opportunity and demonstration offer for an arts group. I am happy. This was my first exhibition this year and had a very positive feedback from the viewers.
Thank you all of you who came to visit me and see my work specially during the festival. It means a lot to me for all your support. Sorry for not posting this straight away after the festival, I am still recovering from it.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stealing Moments

(Detail of my mixed media paintings)

The role of an artist, mother, wife and daughter is not straight forward. It is balancing between everything you love to do, your passion and loved ones around you. I feel like a visitor in my own studio these days. I try to steal moments here and there to finish my paintings for the exhibition. Sometimes I feel guilty not to spend that time with my family. I need that me time though, to fulfill my passion for art. Its important for me to be in solitude at times. To think. To create. And to be able to do this I need to be alone. Shut inside my studio and surrounded by my paintings. I feel happy then.The act of creating is so satisfying for me and the more I immerse myself in it the easier it gets. I am productive.
This weekend its the Melbourne Art Festival. And finally I feel I am ready. The above photographs are a glimpse of my new work. A close up detail. Tomorrow I need to load up the car and install my work.
If you happen to be around Melbourne, please come and say hello to me. Would be nice to see you.

Venue: Melbourne Arts Festival
South  Derbyshire, UK
Art Trail - 13 - 14 September

Monday, 8 September 2014

Mandy Patullo 'Enchanted Forest'

Would you believe me, food was cooked on Friday night for the following day. Clothes out of cupboard ironed and hung, bag all ready for Saturday morning. It was Mandy Patullo's workshop ' Enchanted Forests' at my favorite place 'Hope and Elvis'. I was as super excited of course and left home early morning to be in time for the workshop. Couldn't have missed anything, so was nice and early. Guess what? only after 15 minutes  when I could see no one else arriving realized I went just a week early. Haha... The workshop was only to be held next week.

 Anyway, there I was once again standing in front of 'Hope and Elvis' again the following week and Thank God this time to see Louise Presley and Mandy Patullo in the studio.

 I am not the only one who admires Mandy Patullo's work. We all love her work and she lets us copy her style by teaching step by step process how exactly she works. Unbelievable, no fear of people copying her work. But we should respect an Artists work and practise.

We got to see her sketchbooks...

These were beautiful too.

Shop area for people to splash money

 Louise Presley is always generous with her art material supplies. Thank you once again Louise. I love coming back to her studio again and again.

 Met lovely ladies...

 and happy ladies......

There were foxes, wolfs, owls, dears and even a donkey.

 Mandy Patullo demonstrating ...

 And finally here is my work in progress...

 I love dears, a lot of work is involved and of course I haven't managed to finish it yet.

This is how far my dear was done on Saturday. Now I need to finish my last minute painting  exhibition preparation for the Melbourne Arts Festival which is this weekend. Would be lovely to see you. Please come and say hello to me if you happen to be there at the festival. I will post the venue details soon. 
Thank you once again Louise Presley for a wonderful day and thank you Mandy Patullo for sharing your skills with us.