Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

 Now we are almost ready to say goodbye to 2014 and say hello to 2015

Don't know where this year went, so fast

The girls really enjoyed decorating their gingerbread man and the house. I bought the kit and to tell you honestly they looked good but the taste was nothing like gingerbread. Next year no more readymade kit but I rather make everything from scratch.

Homemade is definitely much better. I am glad for Olivia's birthday I baked a banana cake at home. So much tastier and fun!

Wow! can't believe Olivia is thirteen now! Well even though officially only now, but we had been experiencing some teenage behaviour already from last year. Guess this is normal, please tell me yes.

I made a bunting too but left it too late and had a bit of panic attach just the day before as I forgot to write the alphabets wrong way and ran out of bondaweb. So I had to cut around fabrics again and hand sew them to the bunting. Phew!

It is so nice to see the girls bonding more and more everyday

This year I have done a awfull lot of knitting and sewing. I knitted little Emily the leg warmers. At one point I was not sure if I will finish all this before Christmas. They have been used every day almost while playing outdoors. I might have to knit a few more next year.

This is a simple cable knit leg warmer which started here.

Boxing day we got snow.

The next day we went to Ilam. Santa Claus must have known it was going to snow. The wooden sledge for the girls.

Ilam looked so pretty.

Olivia and Emily on their new sledge. Thank you Santa Claus.

Seemed like Olivia liked the wooden one more

And little Emily preferred the old red plastic sledge.

I did not manage to take any photo's of this wooly trouser while I was knitting because I just wanted to finish then in time before Christmas. But here it is. Finished and Emily nice and warm in it. She could wear it on top of her tracks. Cosy!

Sledging with daddy was fun.

Snack time.

And yes! My very first fair isle vest was complete too in time.

I am really pleased with it and the last finished knitting project was my hat with left over yarns.

The grey yarn is the same from Olivia's hat. I bought way too much. Emily's leg warmer were the same yarn too.

Looking back we had a good year. lots of crafty projects. Good time was spent with family and friends and now looking forward to a brand new year. New projects and definitely want to start painting more again. The last three years were a bit slow with my painting but Emily is 3 now and I do get a lot more time for myself.

Wishing you all bloggers a very happy new year and please do pop in my space next year. I will be visiting my painting studio a lot more next year but continue still with my crafty projects.
Honeysuckle studio

Friday, 19 December 2014

Getting Closer

Just six more sleeps to go. Finally our tree is decorated. I have finished my Christmas/winter dress and it fits well. I am so pleased. Can't believe this is my third dress I made this year!
I have also finished my first Fair Isle vest, will show you in my next post. And I am working on two more Fair Isle projects. One for little Emily and the other one for Olivia or could be for me, not sure yet. It all depends on who likes it more. I have just started because I did not have the patience to wait. Just a little hint: the yarn I am using is Shetland Yarn. So beautiful to knit with.
I leave you here with this. Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

In My Studio


The painting above titled ' Carnival' (acrylic on canvas) is now sold and has gone to London.

These days not much is happening in my studio as I am a bit busy making Christmas presents and also have a lot to do. Olivia is going to be thirteen soon. A very special day for all of us. I have also very bravely decided to make my own Christmas dress. So you can see these two hands are very busy at the moment but next year I do need to get back in my studio and start new paintings. If you are interested to see my other paintings please check my website www.sujata-art.com

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Decorations

A beautiful sunny morning. Cold but dry.

 Not missing an opportunity to walk in the village.

Everywhere in Melbourne it's Christmas atmosphere.

Love the shade blue. Blue sky, blue painted woods. Blue is my favourite colour.

Sometimes hard to choose a  colour.

Birds, wildlife and nature. I am always inspired for my work from these.

Even for Xmas decoration, I photocopied two of my bird paintings from the card and some old  music paper and glitter.

Right here in my kitchen, where I seem to spend a lot of time. Thought to start decorating from here today.

Lights, all sort of light, I love fire.

The paper cones are up on my kitchen wall. The original Robin painting was sold few years ago. Need to paint birds again. The big silver heart was bought last year from a vintage shop in York. Love the city. Few lovely yarn shops are there too.

This owl painting is still with me. Barn owls and all other birds I want to paint.

 For now, my kitchen wall has two handmade Christmas cones. A bit of lace is also used.

Twinkle, twinkle little star... (local garden centre)

Now this one was supposed to be last years Christmas gift to my hubby but never managed to finish. Too many WIP's, I guess.

The scarf is knitted in moss stitch.

And is finally ready and packed away.

Now what's this? Something new again. I can never stop. Yes, my new obsession is Fair Isle Knitting. This is my very first colour work. I am using not expensive yarn here as I am not sure how successful I will be with this, but I have ordered some lovely Shetland yarn, which is traditionally used for colour work. Also I bought a book which I will show you some other time.

As for now I need to get on with knitting and cup of tea.