Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Decorations

A beautiful sunny morning. Cold but dry.

 Not missing an opportunity to walk in the village.

Everywhere in Melbourne it's Christmas atmosphere.

Love the shade blue. Blue sky, blue painted woods. Blue is my favourite colour.

Sometimes hard to choose a  colour.

Birds, wildlife and nature. I am always inspired for my work from these.

Even for Xmas decoration, I photocopied two of my bird paintings from the card and some old  music paper and glitter.

Right here in my kitchen, where I seem to spend a lot of time. Thought to start decorating from here today.

Lights, all sort of light, I love fire.

The paper cones are up on my kitchen wall. The original Robin painting was sold few years ago. Need to paint birds again. The big silver heart was bought last year from a vintage shop in York. Love the city. Few lovely yarn shops are there too.

This owl painting is still with me. Barn owls and all other birds I want to paint.

 For now, my kitchen wall has two handmade Christmas cones. A bit of lace is also used.

Twinkle, twinkle little star... (local garden centre)

Now this one was supposed to be last years Christmas gift to my hubby but never managed to finish. Too many WIP's, I guess.

The scarf is knitted in moss stitch.

And is finally ready and packed away.

Now what's this? Something new again. I can never stop. Yes, my new obsession is Fair Isle Knitting. This is my very first colour work. I am using not expensive yarn here as I am not sure how successful I will be with this, but I have ordered some lovely Shetland yarn, which is traditionally used for colour work. Also I bought a book which I will show you some other time.

As for now I need to get on with knitting and cup of tea.