Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sunshine, Rain and Frost...

In between sunshine, rain and frost
I have been knitting.
Knitting my cowl - Vanessa Cabban Cowl KAL. A project started by a wonderful knitter and Designer Christina Wall from 'A Knitters Life'.
This has been one addictive project just not for me but all the ladies knitting along this cowl with Christina Wall.
It has been real joy, but not looking forward to tackling all those loose ends. But needs to be done.
Everything has started growing in the garden too and I am spending more time slowly in the garden. I have started feeling springy.
After breakfast on mothers day went to town with the girls as Olivia needed few things and this was the only day free for this. Later on the girls made the most delicious biscuits for me and the beautiful Eeyore card which I took with me in my potting shed.
Tea, homemade biscuits and my Fair Isle knitting. This was heaven to me.
Going back to my knitting I am still not sure whether to make one or two loop cowl. So far I have reached for making it one loop cowl.