Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn Colours

"I opened my eyes a moment ago into the maple leaves outside my window. Almost simultaneously with the act of identifying them as these particular leaves and thus placing myself, I saw them as painting, an arrangement of values." - Anne Truitt

Thank you every one for your  lovely comments on blog, Facebook and by emails on my previous post and my exhibition. They made me happy. There were some lovely emails regarding my exhibition which I did not expect.

Thank you all :)

Autumn colours are beautiful. I love this time of the year. Lots of leaves everywhere in the garden at the moment. Waiting for rain to stop. Will pick up my rake then. I have found a beautiful old wooden rake other day in the vintage shop at Matlock. I had a go at making something for the little Emily for the first time which is hanging on my vintage rake here for the display. My mother gave me lots of lovely fabrics. I was itching to make something out of them but was a bit nervous as I have never made any frock or skirt or anything like this before. I have always seen my mother stitching and knitting all sorts. Me and my sister always wore what my mother made. Then of course got caught by the high street fashion. Now suddenly I feel like stepping in my mothers shoes now that I have two girls. Just like my mum.

I hope tomorrow brings sunshine as my garlic bulbs are waiting to go in the soil. Still harvesting courgettes, tomatoes, celery and herbs from my little veggie patch in the back garden. Maybe I should bring the geraniums in now. Every year I buy new ones but would be nice to bring them in before the frost. The two chili plants in the green house gave enough chillies to make few jars of green chutney mixed with home grown mint and shop bought garlic and coriander. This is a very busy time of the year. Lots to do in the garden and house. Lots of cosy knits and my new found love for making clothes. Not to forget my paintings. Did I mention looking after hubby and kids. Oh well, they can look after themselves for little while.