Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Natural Dyeing with Claire Wellesly Smith

This is a rather late, seriously late post from last year. Sorry didn't manage to post it then and completely forgot about it. After the Indigo workshop last weekend, I decided to post it even though it was so late.

So here it is finally. Better late than never. Anyway, Claire Wellesly Smith is a wonderful teacher and very talented. Claire even dyes her threads which she uses for slow stitching. Please check her website if you are interested in her work.

Claire demonstrated different dyeing techniques at Hope ad Elvis last year.

A brief introduction on Indigo dyeing was given too.

Samples of different dyes.

As usual, slowly table started getting full of samples. All the beautiful colours that can be achieved by eco dyeing. I really loved the workshop last year and this years indigo workshop with Claire (you can read about indigo dyeing in my previous post if you haven't yet).

Now I really hope to do some eco dyeing at home so better start collecting. During our visit to Spain in spring this year, I did collect few red eucalyptus leaves but not enough maybe.  I wonder if my colours will come out so fresh. The only thing I can say is wait and see. I am also reading a book on natural dyeing by India Flint called 'Eco Colour'.