Monday, 19 January 2015

Feeding the Ducks

Weekend was good. Sunshine, family time, met up with some friends over coffee and cake and I also finished my sleeveless cardigan. Well, the truth is original plan was to knit it long sleeves but this cardigan did not get a chance of being knit with long sleeves as I had enough. I really wanted to finish this cardigan as I wanted to wear it soon. Is this the real answer? Maybe I just wanted to finish off my knitting projects for now; and just focus on my paintings for a while. This one is knitted in DK yarn.

In my studio I have started working on my two new canvases simultaneously. I am hoping to have done by the weekend a lot more work on them but they are big so it does take a while. But I am hoping to show you a bit more of my new work in my next post.

And maybe in between if I feel up to it I might just pick up Emily's jumper; and knit and pearl few lines while watching tele. Did I just say that I just wanted to take a break from knitting? Hmmmm...

  Hope you all had a sunny weekend too xx