Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Welcome 2015

A warm welcome back to honeysuckle studio. Its 2015 and my very first post of this year.

Yesterday was my little Emily's first day back to the nursery. I am so pleased she got a place in our local school nursery which means now no longer early morning drive to the playgroup. It is fantastic. We can leave home and be at the school within two minutes. Fantastic, I love it. It also means I gain my studio time. Well not enough, three hours is not enough but better than nothing at all.

So after dropping her at nursery I went straight into my studio. Put my little electric heater on as I have no central heating here in my studio' a nice brew and I sat in front of these two huge canvases. A new year and two brand new canvas. I am happy.

So I swapped my knitting needles for paint brushes for now. I will pick up my craft work soon but for now I have a commitment. A deadline to meet and I will tell you more about it in my next post. So do pop in my studio again. I will put the kettle on and might have some biscuits. I am trying to avoid them, however, it's tempting.