Thursday, 15 January 2015

Veggie Patch


The feeling of the beginning is always exciting to me. The mild winter is showing signs of spring already. I am happy to move from the dark winter solstice into the growth. My garlic patch in the veggie garden looks quite promising. I have  put a cover just in case we get too much rain. At the moment its the blustery wind which kept me up last night. Was happy to find the roof still above us and the garden intact. This year I am recording all that is going in the ground. You think you will remember but  it is easy to forget. Every year I plant things and of course forget; so a garden journal is helpful. Little Emily helped me sow the broad beans and sweat peas. They are on my guest room windowsill as it is quite a sunny room. A bag of potatoes 'Red Duke of York' is chitting and we have been eating fresh greens from our veggie patch. Other day I added few leaves to my chickpea curry. It was delicious served with some rice.